Storm Damage Repair

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Wind Damage Repair

Wind damage, hail damage, and other weather-related conditions are common occurrences in Murfreesboro, TN, and the surrounding areas. Property damage caused by severe weather can be devastating to your family or business, and repairing it can be a complex undertaking. The amount of severe weather our area experiences each year continues to bring unfortunate damages to many homes.

Helping Hands General Contracting specializes in restoring damage due to severe weather events such as Hail, Lightning Strikes, Hurricanes, Ice, Flood, Tornadoes & High Winds. Downed trees and power lines can cause even more problems. Our team is ready to inspect your home and your roof to determine if you need repairs. If your house has been damaged because of hail or storms and needs a professional roofer, we can restore things to normal for you. By utilizing the latest technologies with our highly-trained staff, we can handle all your storm damage restoration with precision.

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