Hail Damage

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severe weather Repair

Hail damage

Severe storms many times contain hail and/or tornado damage that affect many of the homes in Murfreesboro, TN and the surrounding areas.  Hail is one of the most common forms of environmental damage to roofing materials. A hailstorm can significantly damage a roof.

Often the damage can easily be seen as cracks, erosion, or missing pieces of roof material. Sometimes, however, damage done to a roof as a result of a hailstorm isn’t readily visible. Hail damage is so widespread that in the U.S. alone, it costs close to $1 billion each year in insurance claims.

Even a moderate hailstorm can cause damage to a roof. The tricky part of assessing this damage is that it may not be obvious immediately after the storm, and different types of roofing materials will experience different kinds of damage.

If your home has endured a hailstorm, we can perform a full inspection to determine whether your roof has been damaged.

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